Workpackage 1: Sampling, taxonomic identification and image acquisition

  • Collection of copepod samples from different areas of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
  • Identification of individuals from different copepod species for phenotyping and barcode sequencing
  • Image acquisition of copepod individuals and bulk samples
  • Task 1.1: Sampling
  • Task 1.2: Taxonomic identification and image acquisition of copepod species
Expected key results
  • Images of several copepod species for the copepod database (WP3) and to feed the image analysis software (WP2), and bulk images to apply the image analysis software (WP5)
  • D1.1 List of copepod species that have been identified and photographed (month 7)
  • D1.2 List of samples to be processed in WP2, WP3, WP5 and WP6 (month 15)