Workpackage 3: Construction of a local genetic reference database of copepods

  • DNA barcoding of copepod species for COI gene and another gene (possibly 16s rDNA)
  • Construction of an online content management system for images and DNA barcodes of copepod species of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
  • Creation of an integrated reference database for sequence data of copepods
  • Task 3.1: DNA barcoding for selected copepod species.
  • Task 3.2: Online copepod database
  • Task 3.3: Phylogenetic analysis of barcoded samples
Expected key results
  • DNA barcode sequences for several copepod species of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
  • A reference local data base with photographs, DNA sequences, connection with other databases
  • Evaluation of the DNA barcodes to discriminate different copepod species and identify problematic taxa (e.g. cryptic species).
  • D3.1: Launch (operation) of the local web database (month 3)
  • D3.2: Barcode sequences submitted in the genebank (month 12)
  • D3.3: List of barcoded species and results of the phylogenetic analysis (month 14)