Workpackage 5: Bioinformatics pipeline and analysis

  • To construct a bioinformatics analysis pipeline for analysing copepod DNA metabarcoding data
  • To analyse the raw next generation sequencing data
  • To compare results from sequencing, image analysis and conventional taxonomy
  • Evaluate the proposed methodology and the ability of the genetic tool to estimate species' abundance
  • Task 5.1: Construction of a bioinformatics pipeline
  • Task 5:2: Analysis of sequencing data
  • Task 5.3: Comparison of sequencing results with morphological data and evaluation of the methodology
Expected key results
  • Comparative analysis of sequencing data and morphological data
  • Evaluation of the methodology
  • D5.1: Operation of the online bioinformatics pipeline (month 8)
  • D5.2: Analysis of next generation sequencing results (month 18)
  • D5.3: Comparative analysis of sequencing and image analysis data and evaluation of the methodology (month 19)